How to Recognize which Learning Style a Student Need

There are several styles that each student uses to learn while gaining an education; it is basically what they prefer doing and what makes it easier for them to do so. Every student has a different learning style, and they act on that. Students use several learning styles, and one can recognize them in the following way.


One of the learning styles is this; visual learning is when students tend to write or draw what they see, this could mean that they take notes in class or even draw; this style can be recognized if you see the student looking at what the teacher might be teaching and then writing it all down. These are also the students who make up 65% of your classroom, and they actively participate in looking at the notes the teacher might be making on the board, and they are also the students who pay the most attention in class. They follow the teacher’s orders and are very organized as well. Suppose some students display all of this behavior in class. In that case, this is the best learning style for them; if one sees a student listening to the teacher very attentively and says that they like to write everything down because that is how they learn, then visual languages learning is the best learning style for them. The teachers should do whatever they can to help them out.


These students might not write down what the teacher is teaching in a classroom but record it instead; they record the lecture rather than writing it all down. They feel like they learn better by listening and associating what they have learned with sounds. These students are the most vocal in your class, who speak a lot and might even repeat what the teacher says out loud. These students prefer discussions and listening to the teacher speak, and they might indulge in those discussions and interact with other students. Suppose these students prefer listening to lectures rather than reading assignments, and they avoid reading and try not to do it but instead look forward to listening to what the teacher is saying; this means that this is the best style for them. In that case, these students might all participate verbally in class a lot and would prefer to say those things rather than write them down. If you see some students in your class behave like this, they need auditory learning.


These students in your class might be fidgety and might move a lot, they are primarily athletes, and they enjoy talking with their hands. They like to act out what they have learned with their hands and might also. They use their bodies as learning instruments and might do that while interacting in class and answering questions. They learn, for example, by making charts and posters. They are the students who mostly enjoy outdoor activities and like to play sports because it helps them express themselves with their bodies. They most likely enjoy experiments and even find excuses to go out of the class a lot. They like building with their hands. These students are mostly to be the most active ones. So, the students who might be into sports and would like to move around in class are the ones who need this learning style. Get the idea from the Pashto language classes.


These students like group projects and might perform well working in a team; they like interacting with other students and sharing the work. These students would be the ones who might be very confident and would prefer working with other people. If they perform better working in groups, they are social learners.


In conclusion, these are the few learning styles that most students use and need, and sometimes they aren’t even too sure about what they need, so paying close attention to their behavior in class would help provide them with the proper learning technique they require.

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