How Kratom Works in Easing Opiate Withdrawal Symptomsw

For centuries, kratom has been used to ease out opiate withdrawal symptoms. First studies in this regard appeared in 1897. Today, the herb is often used in methadone detox treatments. Doctors recommend kratom to be included in the course of treatment for drug addiction, especially opioid addiction. It is believed that 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloid present in kratom leaves is the chief agonist that soothes the withdrawal symptoms.

Coming from the deep forests of Southeast Asia, kratom is known for its medicinal properties. The plant’s leaves are brimming with potent alkaloids that are found to create a soothing effect on the brain receptors affected by opioids. This makes the herb a good “medicine” to appease those horrible withdrawal symptoms that most opiate addicts experience during de-addiction.

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Opioid dependency

Opiate agonists bind with particular receptors of the brain to stimulate the central nervous system. This leads to increased secretion of endorphins, which creates the typical “high.” With time, the body becomes habitual of this “high.” However, the body cannot produce such high levels of endorphins on its own. So, it craves for opiates.

If a user stops using opiates suddenly, the body can produce some unpleasant symptoms, making the user take opiates again. The symptoms are so intense that no amount of willpower works. Besides, the symptoms are more physical, such as fever, vomiting, headaches, tremors, hallucinations, insomnia, and others. Many users even become violent, agitated, depressed, and suicidal.

If the user is administered an appropriate kratom product at the right dose when he/she is getting these symptoms, it can help to ease the mental and physical discomfort. Kratom works on the same receptors of the brain on which opiates work. Yet, this herb is not addictive in nature. Instead, it can soothe the craving receptors and help them reach a balanced state.

This means the user, using his/her willpower, experiences a more balanced state of mind and can now cope with the de-addiction treatment. It also increases the chances of successful recovery.

Kratom helps in opiate withdrawal in the following ways:

  • Restoring normal appetite
  • Inducing sleep
  • Relieving pain in the body associated with withdrawal
  • Reliving anxiety
  • Creating calmness in mind
  • Elevating the mood to ward off depressive feelings
  • Suppressing nausea

Products like Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder can help a person get immense relief from physical pain and discomfort. It relaxes the mind and helps the person get into a deep sleep. All of these help in successful recovery from addiction. This is because once the symptoms are diminished, the entire process becomes bearable for a person, and he/she can successfully complete the treatment.

A simple search, “kratom near me,” can direct you toward some of the most reputable vendors of this herb. Get pure and high-quality kratom for the best effects. Also, make sure you use it in the correct doses and never overdose.

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