How does a car horn work? Where does the sound come from?

Everyone who has driven on the roads of India understands how overwhelming it can be to drive here for the first time. The car horns are used by people to warn others when you are passing through the streets. These horns for cars play a vital role in the Indian traffic system.

The car horn is one of the most important car accessories, it gives out an alarming sound to prevent accidents.  The use of car horns in India can be considered very disturbing since they are too loud and make too much noise.

Types of car horns 

There are three types of car horns available in India:

Electronic horn: This uses an electronic circuit to produce sound.

Pneumatic car horn: it is also known as an air horn and they use pressurized air to emit a sound. It is considered more efficient than other types of horns because it can produce loud sounds and give out great warnings.

Mechanical car horn: this type of horn uses a different mechanism to produce the sound, it is not as loud as an electronic one because it does not use any kind of electric circuit. It comes in handy when you are driving at night since it cannot produce too much noise.

How does a car horn work? Where does the sound come from?

The main purpose of a carn horn is to give out an alarming sound that signals to others that you are on the road and cars around must move. The sound comes from the metal diaphragm that is placed inside the horn. When you press the button on your car’s steering, it sends an electronic signal to the metal diaphragm which results in this loud noise.

The car horn works by converting electrical energy into sound. The diaphragm is used to create this sound which is then amplified through the amplifier. This process is called electromagnetism since both electricity and magnetism are related. The air inside the piping of your car horn will be moved by the diaphragm and this causes some disturbance, which is then turned into sound by the amplifier.

The sound of the horns for cars that is generated by a ‘Metal Diaphragm’ is actually very similar to a loudspeaker. The diaphragm captures the energy from the current and releases air which makes a loud noise.  The metal diaphragm actually depends on the flow of electricity which causes a change in its shape and size. This movement is what creates sound waves that we can hear, which results in car horn sound.

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