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How Can Pakistanis residing Book a Plot in TAB City Rawalpindi?


The TAB City Rawalpindi is another under-construction housing project being developed near Rawalpindi’s outskirts. The owners of this project have increased much hyp about this venture as they have established contacts with several real estate companies in Islamabad na Rawalpindi. They want to intorduct an innovative and world class lifestyle to the residents and housing investors based in Rawalpindi. One of the important factors about the developers is that they plan to transform the lifestyle of the housing lovers. Overll, the payment plan of this project would be reasomable to an extent that one can easily afford it without any hurdels.

NOC Status

A no object status is something which demonstrates that the government is satisfied by the legal boundation of this project. It also shows that the project is free of any kind of scam. Apart from that, it also shws that therei s no type of fraud or scam involved and ithe project is entirely transparent. The develoeprs are have begun the talks with government level authorites for the NOC approval. It is beileived that the NOC would be granted within few days.

Overseas Block

The owners of Tab City have planned to develop a huge sector that is reserved fro overseas investors only. This sector would have all the top notch facilities like huge shopping areas, and huge houses, where there would be swimming pools, and hyge roofs. All the houses in this sector would give a small glimpse of some internation housing society with exotic locations, and world housing facilities.

Important files needs for plot booking

Keeping everything public from the start is quite beneficial to avoid any consequences in the end. Also, numerous documents are vital to initiate the buying process. Along with that, within the sights of each real estate investor, the overseas block of this housing venture is one of the most special sector of this world-class housing venutre. In the end, these following documents would be really mandatory to go ahead with the booking process.

  • Two small sizes photographs
  • Mandatory NICOP for Pakistani real estate investors living abroad
  • CNIC copies of small size
  • Duplicates of CNIC that are really next to kin

Before going ahead in investing in this elite real estate venture like blue world city sports valley, it is mandatory for the real estae investors to verify each and every document. So, all applicable and skilled information is very vital, so that one avoid every kind of mistake in future. But in many cases, the payment plan is the thing that every real estate investor has must look into before going ahead with their investment in a particular housing venture. Accurate information is cricual to facilitate a smooth payment procedure because it makes purchasing process more easier and more practical. Other than that, the instalment plan about to be drafted developers of this venture is also a positive factor for real estate investors of TAB City. Lastly, investment in the overseas sector of Tab City would be an accurate choice, as the the rates of the properties would increase after the completion of construction.


The Tab City Rawalpndi with its seperates ector for overseas investors will be one of the most dominant aspects of this housing project. The best aprts about it that it is located within the center outskirts of Rawalpindi. Its proximity to the some huge destinations of the city like Islamabad International Airport, M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway and Giga Mall makes it moderately more valuable venture. The owners of this housing venture are eager to provide a classic lifestyle with all the most innovative facilties to its inhabitants at an reasonable price plan. At last, you should negotiate with the real estate representatives of Estate Land Marketing to learn more about the investment benefits regarding this important block.

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