History of Men’s Leather Jackets


 Who doesn’t know about leather and its high popularity in the fashion industry? Of course, everyone, even top brands, and designers are compelled to appreciate the high value of leather. You may know about the latest trends in men’s leather jackets but do you know how they were introduced? Are you excited to know their history? So, let’s see how they were introduced and got a high reputation.

Men’s Leather Jackets History

Let’s overview the journey of your favorite outwear from origin to their great value today.

Origin-The 1900s

This stylish outwear belongs to military wear. German fighter pilots considered brown leather jackets during the first world war. The intention was to protect the troops against the cold while allowing freedom of movement. The jacket featured four buttons and was lined with khaki wool.

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Then, bomber leather jackets for men were introduced in the second world war. These jackets also known as fight jackets appeared as a sensible and convenient choice of apparel for pilots. They got much comfort as jackets gave them a better experience of facing extreme cold at high altitudes. Who could guess that the jackets that were once part of the military uniform will become a fashion item after a few years?

Advancing towards the fashion world-Late 1920

Irvin Schott, a super-skilled designer, first introduced leather jackets as a fashion item in 1928. The design was identical to a modern motorcycle leather jacket. It was named after his cigar company-The Perfecto.

Like its name, the jacket was perfect and inspiring. The front closure opted for the zipper closure. The first stylish leather jacket was bought for only $5.50 which seemed so cheapest.

Time to inspire the world-1950s and 1960

Soon after the first leather jacket was sold as a fashion item, leather jackets began their valuable journey to inspire the world. Many fashion lovers began considering leather jackets as their daily wear and eventually, this fashion item became part of the closet of every fashion enthusiast. The trend truly boosted in the 1950s when Hollywood welcomed it in some of the most popular movies. Rock stars adopted its trends for their success. The style was not only dominated by men but women too in various aspects.

Leather jackets for men in the modern fashion


After being introduced and adopted as well as appreciated, leather jackets continued getting more and more popular. Even the trend has aged like fine wine. No doubt, seeing them as fashion icons that are adopted by supermodels is acceptable, but it’s more appreciable that they have now become a part of our daily life. That’s due to their valuable softness, casual appearance, and ease-to-wear options.

No doubt, the leather jackets were designed for safety purposes and they gain the same status today, but the trend has changed a little bit. Protection is considered an extra feature while buyers mostly focus on the design. In other words, they are fashion statements today instead of being safety equipment. That’s why top brands like Leatheriza Affinity mainly focus on the design so you can skyrocket your appearance to the next level.

Many brands considered leather jackets for their enhanced look. However, some brands avoided them as they had become too mainstream. But we ensure one thing and that’s leather jackets are the trending and appreciable outerwear and will maintain the same status ever.


Leather jackets enjoyed an amazing journey smoothly making their way from bloody battlefields to entertaining fashion shows. The first leather jacket completely ignored the fashion aspect, which was all about safety purposes. They were first introduced in the early 1900s. Military members and aviators wore flight jackets designed from brown leather. Then bomber jackets were introduced in the second world war. The intention was to protect bomber pilots from extreme cold at high altitudes. Manufacturing of aviator jackets slowed down after the war. And now the trend has been changed as the military doesn’t consider leather jackets as it did before.

So, that was all about the history of men’s leather jackets. You can also consider it as the history of women’s leather jackets but we haven’t discussed their role in a separate section. We hope this article will help you realize the glory of your favorite fashion item.

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