Gear Up For Your Move: Top Features To Seek In Your Moving Van

Transitioning to a new residence can evoke a mix of anticipation and tension. One of the crucial aspects of a smooth relocation is selecting the right moving Van London

With various options available, knowing what features to look for to ensure a hassle-free moving experience is essential. Here are the key features to consider when choosing a moving van.

1. Size Matters:

The first thing to consider when choosing a Man with a Van East London is its size. You want to ensure you have enough space to fit all your belongings comfortably. Vans come in various sizes, so assessing how much stuff you’ll be moving before making a decision is essential. 

If you have a lot of furniture and large items, you’ll need a larger van to accommodate everything. On the other hand, if you’re only moving a few boxes, a smaller van may suffice.

2. Loading and Unloading Ease:

Another crucial feature to consider is the ease of loading and unloading. Look for a van with low-loading ramps or lift gates to make it easier to load heavy items. 

Additionally, vans with wide doors and ample space in the cargo area will allow you to manoeuvre furniture and boxes more comfortably. 

Some vans even have sliding doors on both sides, making accessing your belongings from either side of the vehicle easier.

3. Safety Features:

Safety should always be a top priority when choosing a moving van. Look for features such as anti-lock brakes, traction control, and airbags to ensure a safe journey. 

Additionally, check the van’s maintenance history to ensure it’s well-maintained and in good working condition. Inspecting the tyres and brakes before hitting the road is also a good idea to avoid any unexpected issues.

4. Fuel Efficiency:

Moving can be costly, so it’s essential to consider fuel efficiency when choosing a van. Look for a vehicle with good gas mileage to help save money on fuel costs. 

Vans with diesel engines often offer better fuel economy than those with petrol engines, so keep that in mind when making your decision. Additionally, consider the distance you’ll be travelling and factor in fuel costs when planning your move.

5. Interior Features:

Comfort is vital when spending long hours on the road during a move. Look for a van with comfortable seats and ample legroom for both the driver and passengers. 

Some vans also have entertainment systems to help people pass the time on long journeys. Additionally, features such as climate control should be considered to ensure everyone stays comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

6. Accessibility Options:

If you have specific accessibility needs, be sure to look for a van that can accommodate them. Some vans come equipped with wheelchair ramps or lifts to make it easier for individuals with mobility issues to get in and out of the vehicle. 

Additionally, features such as adjustable seats and steering wheels should be considered to ensure everyone can drive the van comfortably.

7. Storage Solutions:

Keeping your belongings organised during a move can be challenging, so look for a van with built-in storage solutions. Some vans have shelves, tie-downs, and cargo nets to help secure your belongings and prevent them from shifting during transit. 

Additionally, consider renting or purchasing moving boxes and packing materials to help keep everything organised and protected during the move.

8. Rental Options:

If you’re only moving temporarily or want to avoid investing in a van outright, consider renting one instead. Many companies offer van rental services for both short and long-term use, making it easy to find a vehicle that meets your needs and budget. 

Compare rental prices and policies from multiple companies to ensure you get the best deal possible.

9. Maneuverability:

Maneuvrability becomes crucial when navigating busy streets or tight parking spaces. Look for a moving van with responsive steering and a tight turning radius to make navigating urban areas and narrow driveways easier. 

Vans with rearview cameras or parking sensors can also aid in parking and avoiding obstacles, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring a smoother moving experience.

10. Reputation and Reviews:

Before finalising your decision, take the time to research the reputation of the van rental company and read reviews from previous customers. Look for companies with a track record of providing reliable vehicles and excellent customer service. 

Reading reviews can give you valuable insights into other renters’ experiences, helping you make an informed decision and avoid potential pitfalls.


Choosing the right moving van ensures a smooth and stress-free move. By considering factors such as size, loading ease, safety features, fuel efficiency, interior features, accessibility options, storage solutions, and rental options, you can find a van that meets your needs and budget. 

With the right van by your side, you’ll be confidently ready to embark on your moving adventure.

At A Man with a Van London, we understand the importance of a well-equipped van for your moving needs. Our fleet offers a range of options to cater to different demands. Contact us today to book your ideal moving van and embark on your relocation journey with confidence.

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