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Features Available at Blue World City Complete Details


Blue World City is a unique housing development that aims to offer its residents excellent sustainable living conditions. The housing neighbourhood is also adjacent to the recently finished Rawalpindi Ring Road & Chakri Interchange. Moreover, this society is regarded as one of the region’s most well-liked and reasonably priced housing developments. Furthermore, this society has distinguished itself among financial experts and is an excellent choice for investing in a lovely home or private property. Each member must get a lot of value for the cost from the housing enterprise. The Blue World City complete details features will be highlighted in this blog.

Features Available at Blue World City Complete Details

BWC is located in twin cities on the Chakri road that is near the Chakri Interchange. Moreover, the public has nice things to say about it because of Blue World City Payment Plan, excellent location & features. Therefore, BWC is the ideal residential development for anyone investing in real estate. Because of the distinctive features that we have described below, you must take part in this project:

Chinese Residents Attractions

After the CPEC, about one million Chinese would move to Pakistan. Moreover, the task of providing housing for Chinese citizens assume by BWC. Due to this, developers have ensured that Chinese brothers may feel at ease when they are far away from their families.

Furthermore, by giving them modern & luxurious international facilities, these people will enjoy living best there. Considering that the project finds safe for outsiders, this will be highly advantageous to the citizens of Blue World City.

Sports Complex

Through the promotion of athletic activities, Blue World City intends to give both genders equality of opportunity. Residents in this society are not only restricted to only playing football/cricket. In addition, this society offers a wide variety of other sports to keep the residents of this residential complex entertained.

Furthermore, blue world city complete details about the sports area to encourage sports tourism in Pakistan, BWC has established an all-encompassing Sports Valley. It is the country’s first popular vacation spot. The largest cricket stadium in Pakistan, with seating for over 55,000 people and parking for 15,000 cars, is located in the unique Sports Valley.

Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, is a shining example of Islamic architecture & civilization. The blue world city complete details regarding the Mosque are here. The Blue Mosque is a near-exact copy of there, both in appearance and function. The Mosque construct on hundreds of kanals of land, covering an area identical to the ancient Mosque. Its environment will be creates to evoke the same sensation of awe & profound spirituality, which will always connect to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. An expert team of architects & designers created the blueprints for the Blue Mosque in Blue World City and are currently constructing it with the same passion as the original.

Water Theme Park

Blue World Water Theme Park is a magnificent tourist destination. The Blue world city complete details of the water theme park: It is being created in cooperation with China’s famous Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology & Co. Furthermore, it is over 70,000 square meters constructed.

Moreover, Blue World Water Theme Park offers 20 top-notch hot rides, a kids’ play space & all the popular fast-food chains, including McDonald’s & KFC, Pizza Hut & Subway, and others, for exciting families.

Rumi’s Square

The other features of blue World City complete details on Rumi’s Square are here now. Jalal ud Din Mohammad Rumi was a Persian poet & saint who lived in the 13th century. Through his distinctive manner & strategy, he transformed the scope of wisdom & knowledge. Moreover, Rumi’s influence extends beyond continents & cultures, as seen by the crowds of devotees who come to his tomb in Konya.

One of Blue World City Islamabad‘s central squares is titled after Maulana Rumi & there is a well-carved sculpture of the famous saint standing in a dervish whirl. The visitors will captivate by the mystical aura of this 70-foot-tall artwork lit at night.

Night Safari & Zoo

With the opening of Blue Town Night Safari and Zoo, another of Pakistan’s First Real Night Safari, the true joy & thrill of the wild arrives in town. For the first time in Pakistan, in addition to the fantastic day safari, when you can obtain up-close views of the park’s species, you can also witness the creatures at night & some of the most interesting nighttime nature. Features of night safari include:

  • Exotic animal breeds
  • Jungle Tour
  • Security
  • Safari Express
  • Night & Day time Zoo
  • Kids Play’s Areas
  • Fast Foods Restaurants


BWC furnishes with all the facilities & features required to fulfil your sweetest desires. Moreover, due to the natural forestry and other green areas, BWC is a guarded community. It features open, roomy parks, shopping malls where you can find everything under one roof, and a medical facility with many departments that treat diseases & encourage healthy lifestyles. Your children can receive the best education from various schools, security, and other amenities. Moreover, low-income individuals can live comfortably by investing in this desirable location.

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