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Everything You Need to Know About the Care and Maintenance Process of the Cowboy Hats

If you’re a hat-lover, chances are you already own a cowboy hat. The cowboy hats are not only an essential part of the modern fashion industry, but they are also lightweight, durable, and breathable. Even though cowboy hats come with a long lifespan, you cannot overlook the importance of the maintenance process of the cowboy hats.

The cleaning and maintenance process you implement for your cowboy hats will help you increase their functionality and longevity. Just like other fashion accessories, western hats need to be cleaned properly so that they can remain in their original shape and appearance. As cowboy hats are delicate, the crown and brim of the hats will lose their shape and style if you don’t pay attention to the cleaning process. However, when you clean and store your cowboy hats properly, the original shape of the hat will be retained without any problem.

Remember that hat caring and maintenance is simple, only if you know the insights. To know more about western hat cleaning and maintenance, you need to read this article. Keep in mind that the cleaning process is dependent on the material of the western hats. The wrong implementation might cause damage to your cowboy hats.

How Can You Keep Your Western Hats Clean?

As the western hats will be exposed to the outdoor elements, they will get dirty and dusty. One of the best ways to preserve your cowboy hats is by cleaning them every time you use them with a soft crush. Apart from the felt hats, these hat brushes will work effectively on straw or leather hats. If you want to use a hat brush to clean your western hat, make sure you remember these points:

  • Start from the left portion and continue brushing in a counter-clockwise direction. Make sure you brush the brim and crown in the same direction.
  • To clean the interior part of the brim, consider brushing in a clockwise direction. This will help you remove embedded particles from the surface.

Don’t use the same brushes to clean dark-colored and light western hats. If you use the same brush, you might end up transferring the light-colored fabrics into the darker ones. This is why you need to use separate brushes.

Sometimes, you might not be able to remove tough stains using the brush. If you notice mud stains on the surface, use a non-detergent soap, lukewarm water, and a soft sponge to spot clean the area. However, if the stain is super tough and cannot be removed easily, you need to visit a professional.

How Can You Dry Wet Cowboy Hats?

If your cowboy hats have been soaked in water, you might think that they will damage the materials. Even though this is true, you can mitigate the risks if you can take proper care while drying the wet western hats.

Consider using a stretcher or hanger where you can leave your western hats to dry. This way you can ensure that the shape and size of the cowboy hats remain intact as it dries. If you don’t hang it, the fibers might tighten. If you want to remove any rain spots, you need to use a felt hat sponge. To ensure water protection, you should spray a non-silicone protective spray on the surface of the western hats. This is one of the best ways to protect your western hat from water damage.

If you sweat while wearing the hats, you need to pay close attention to the sweatbands. The bacteria in sweat will distort the leather sweatband and might cause rotting. Even if you notice sweat in your cowboy hats, you need to remove the sweat as well as stains using a damp cloth and mild soap. After cleaning the sweatband thoroughly, you need to use a stretcher to prevent your hats from tightening.

How Can You Store the Cowboy Hats?

The way you store your western hats will determine their longevity. Not to mention, improper storage will affect their shape and fitting. You will end up causing catastrophic damage to your cowboy hats if they are not stored properly. Therefore, you need to know proper cowboy hat storage tips.

The first thing you should remember is that cowboy hats are not designed to withstand direct sunlight. If you leave your hats open in direct sunlight, the fibers will be damaged. The sun will fade or bleach the surface of your hat and can also damage the fitting. This is why you always need to store cowboy hats in a cool place, away from sunlight.

Additionally, don’t place the cowboy hats with the brim downturned after you’re done wearing them. This is because it will cause tremendous stress on the brim and can affect the overall shape. Instead, you should place the cowboy hats on their crown. The best way to place the cowboy hats is by hanging them where the brim won’t be touched by anything. But keep in mind that this is not a long-term but a temporal cowboy hat storage solution.

You also need to pay close attention to the storage options for your cowboy hats while traveling. Make sure you use a hat box to store your cowboy hats while traveling. This will protect the hats from damage. The cowboy hats are designed to prevent moisture and damage. If you’re using a hatbox, make sure you focus on air circulation.

Even though the crushable western hats are designed to retain their original shape and structure after being rolled or folded, remember that wool cowboy hats don’t come with this type of resilience. If the damages on your cowboy hats are too tough, you need to take them to a professional.

Storage Temperature 

Remember that heat is one of the most common outdoor elements that can damage your cowboy hats. This is true, especially for the leather western hats. As per Fiber New, sun can damage leather. If you use your cowboy hats for a long time under the scorching sun, you will risk damaging and shrinking the materials of the hat.


This is everything you need to know about the storage and maintenance of the cowboy hats. If you have any questions, make sure you comment below.

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