Certified managers must show leadership qualities

Effective management is what is focused on others. On the other side of the coin is selfish leadership, in which the interests, needs, and problems of the certified manager are always in the first place. The truth is that this type of management is harmful not only to employees and the company as a whole but also to the leader himself, although it brings his interests to the fore. There are several characteristics of a selfish approach to leadership that you need to be aware of. If you recognize them in yourself, you need to take action before they take root and grow.

Certified managers do not argue

If you often argue with others and think that you are always right and they are wrong, then you probably do not leave your employees with the impression that you are interested in what they have to say. The reputation of a manager who does not listen to others and does not change his mind regardless of the evidence presented to him is not something to be proud of. Stop arguing and be open to different points of view. That is why the BVOP Management Certification Organization educates its candidates for management diplomas to study HR and people management. Reference: BVOP Certified Human Resource Manager.

Certified managers are not absent from their projects

If you are constantly busy with something else when your employees need you, they will start to look at you as a distracted, self-absorbed and disinterested leader. Make an effort to become the person who inspires and motivates others to be their best version, giving them support and guidance when they need it. An effective leader is accessible and responsible.

Professional managers do not brag

When you take credit for a job well done, instead of sharing it with your team, you show what your priorities are, so don’t expect others to work with the same enthusiasm and passion on your next project. A good leader directs the spotlight on others, not himself.

Certified project managers are not arrogant

If you have a habit of interrupting others and expressing certain positions without allowing others to respond or express their thoughts, you are blocking your team’s creativity. Talk less and listen more. The certified project manager cultivates morale in his subordinates because the success of any project depends on good teamwork. The BVOP Certified Project Manager program is listed in the list of Top Project Manager certification programs of PM.MBA.

Professional managers do not compete

Competition has the potential to motivate people to perform better, but if you compete with the people you lead, you set a bad example. You must not forget that they are on your side and that your main focus should be on improving their performance. Focus your desire to compete with your real competitors.

Great managers are not jealous

When you are jealous of the people you lead, you are not acting as a leader. At the heart of leadership is being satisfiers with the success of others. The leader must recognize and appreciate the achievements of his subordinates. Read more about Blue world city Islamabad.

Certified managers are not arrogant

If you base your leadership style on your illusory impression of your importance, you need to understand that arrogance can only isolate you from the people you need to lead. Break down this artificial reality and focus on reality.

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