Can I delete my Instagram page or account and how to do it?

Instagram is the most popular social network, which is popular all over the world. However, not all users desire to have anything in common with this messenger. If you have a strong urge to deactivate your account, then this post will enable you to achieve it. It will show you how to erase your Instagram account temporarily or permanently.

Reasons for account termination

Account deletion is a responsible step, thus the reasons must be substantial.

The key explanation may lay in the significant amount of time a person spends on Instagram. Also, some encounter a lack of contact in real life.

It is not essential not to mention the fact that it is already scientifically shown that after seeing the stories of successful individuals, their own life begins to look to users as something dull. Because of this they may feel complicated.

Still there is a significant number of particular scenarios when it is essential to deactivate your account.

Some people, for example, do not want their private lives to be shown off in photographs. Of course, you may deactivate your account and get rid of all the hassles, but isn’t it much easier to just remove photos? All you need to do is follow these steps:

Go to your profile and open the photo you are intending to remove.

Then go to the publishing settings by clicking on the triple dot in the upper corner.

Next, you need to pick the item labelled “Archive”.

Done! Now the photo will no longer be viewable to other users. If this didn’t seem enough to you, you may delete your Instagram profile at any moment. And it’s a choice between a temporary and permanent solution.

How to remove an Instagram account on your phone temporarily?

In some cases, a person is not able to “soberly” appraise the issue. In order not to do anything dumb, it is vital to consider carefully. Or, in an extreme circumstance, just remove your profile, but temporarily. That way it will be erased, but not totally. You may restore it at any moment and it will operate as before.

“Freezing” your social network profile is straightforward enough. To accomplish this, simply go through the following procedure over and again:

Go to “Settings” and then “Help” on your profile to get more information. Next, you will need to click on “Help Center”.

You will be routed to the support site, where you will need to click on “Manage your account”. In the search, enter the following phrase: “Temporarily disable”, and then click on the result of the output.

Next, go to the home page of your profile and click on “Edit Profile.” After that, click on “Temporarily deactivate my account.”

In the box that opens, provide the reason for deletion. You can specify any information here.

Confirming your email and password is the final step.

Done! It is now possible to regain access to your account at any moment. By the way, you can’t get your account or its data back if it’s entirely wiped.

How to temporarily erase your Instagram account using your computer?

If you do not have a mobile device at hand, then the identical processes may be done on a computer. To accomplish this:

Go to Instagram using your browser and log in to your profile.

Click on the round profile photo in the upper right corner and click to “Settings”.

At the bottom of the screen will be a statement “Temporarily deactivate my account”. Click on it, and then in the window that displays, state the reason for deactivating the account and confirm the password.

It’s worth remembering that you can temporarily “freeze” your account no more than once in seven days.

How to permanently deactivate an Instagram account?

As indicated before, it’s difficult to get a permanently erased account back, therefore it’s crucial to consider carefully before doing so. You should erase a profile when you no longer require the account. For example, if you have registered a new account or if you are removing the profile of a firm that no longer exists. Read more about Rob Born.

It is crucial to review your important data before removing it. If there is any, you will need to save it. You may accomplish this simply by utilising a backup copy. After that, you will receive an email within 48 hours with a link to retrieve the personal data.

How to erase your Instagram account from your phone permanently?

If you are determined to delete your account, you may do so both with a PC and via a smartphone. In this instance, we’ll focus on the path that a mobile device can take. To achieve this, you need to take the following steps:

Go to “Settings” on your profile’s main menu. The next step is to hit the “Help” button and navigate to the “Help Center” webpage.

In the window that opens, type “delete account” in the search field. You will instantly be given with the appropriate information. You’ll see a link to “Delete account” on this page.

After clicking on the link in the window, specify the reason for cancelling the Instagram account. The last step will be to give your email and password for confirmation.

Account deactivation through PC?

You have the option of erasing your profile completely. To accomplish this:

Open your browser and sign in to your account on the social networking site. Then click the “Help” icon at the bottom of the screen.

Go to “Help Center,” and then pick the option headed “Delete your account.

Lastly, enter your password.

Done! Your account has now terminated. By the way, your account will not be cancelled instantly, but after a period of 30 days. Instagram provides you an opportunity to think hard and, if required, to get your account back. You may undo the deletion by simply logging into your account. It’s vital to note that if you don’t do this, the profile will be erased irretrievably after 30 days.

Why would you temporarily disable your Instagram account?

There’s no doubting that the amount of time we spend on a social media app has practically doubled since the outbreak. Some people have observed that they are less productive when they keep getting alerts from Instagram.

Temporarily suspending your account is a fantastic approach to divert yourself while leaving your account data intact.

The lack of engagement on the network is another reason for users to delete their account. If you’re not going to use your account for a time, it’s preferable to disable it than to keep it dormant. We’ll explain why in the next sections.

What happens if you take your Instagram account offline for a while?

Disabling your account suggests you don’t want to use Instagram yet. Users disable their accounts to preserve their information intact and not bother about likes and comments.

When you disable your account, it basically disappears from Instagram. This implies that your followers can no longer discover you. Nobody has any idea where you are. If a user searches for your username, your account won’t show up in the search results.

Because your account is erased from the app’s database, the number of subscribers for the accounts that you are subscribed to will be lowered by one. If they are looking for your account in their list of subscribers (or subscribers), they will not find it. When you reactivate your account, their number of subscribers will immediately rise by one. Because consumers can’t discover your account in the app, they can’t unsubscribe from you. Rather than keeping their accounts dormant, this is the primary reason why individuals choose to delete them.

When you temporarily disable your account, Instagram backs up all of your stuff on its server. This means you won’t lose personal information or submitted material.

What if you merely want to hide postings from your profile?

If you want to prevent access to particular posts that you no longer want people to view on your Instagram account, Instagram has a handy little feature that lets you to archive chosen posts on your profile without actually deleting or cancelling your account.

By archiving a post, you effectively hide it from your followers and the public, but you can still read it, but by heading to the archived posts area of the Instagram app. When a post was made public, you could see who had interacted with it, and you could add it to your account at any time in the future.

What happens to private messages when you temporarily suspend your Instagram account?

Well, nothing much. When you click the option to temporarily disable your account, all of your data is duplicated, so your private messages are still there. You cannot receive or send emails once you have temporarily deactivated your account.

If a person who formerly sent you a message tries to send you a message after your account has been temporarily deactivated, they will discover that your account name has changed to “Instagrammer.” They can still send messages normally, but the messages will not be sent. Even if you temporarily suspend your account, others can still see your past communications in their private messages.

How frequently can I temporarily disable my Instagram account?

You may temporarily disable your Instagram account as many times as you like, but just once a week. A week is the maximum amount of time you may go without access to your Instagram account before it is permanently disabled. This option will not be available if you have temporarily deactivated your account during the past seven days. This is a privacy option to prevent individuals from utilising fraudulent accounts.

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