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Pakistanis face the scorching heat for most of the year with only a few months of winter. That results in them wearing light and breathable clothes. We do all we can to beat the heat. Wearing flip-flops and open-toed shoes is quite common in Pakistan. There are a lot of options, from a cheap pair from stalls to branded ones. A very popular international brand, Kito, is famous for its flip-flops and sandals all around the world.


The company started in 1992, is the top shoe brand in many countries. They provide a lot of different shoe styles in a lot of different colors. Their catalog includes Sandal for casual and fashion wear, sneakers, flip flops, open-toe slippers, and one of their comfiest, sponge sandals. Kito has shoes for men, women, and children and also makes school shoes.

The brand Kito originates from Thailand who also shares the hot and humid weather with Pakistan. The need for a premium shoe was brand was needed for summer shoes and Kito provided us with it. Every year Kito comes out with new and innovative designs that always turn out to be more popular than the last one.

The company always aims for perfection, comfort, and durability, and hundreds of thousands of reviews are there to support their product. Kito might be an old company, so you might expect them to be old-fashioned but no, they keep up with trends and their design team includes some of the most talented people who know what people like to wear.

Along with 40 other countries, Kito is now available in Pakistan too.

Kito Pakistan

Pakistanis may be familiar with the brand but Pakistan recently got its official retailer for Kito. KitoPakistan brings the latest and most popular designs to Pakistan. Their store is filled with premium shoes that now we Pakistanis can enjoy.

KitoPakistan has made the availability of premium shoes in Pakistan a lot easier. Previously if you ordered Kito shoes, you would be charged with international delivery and taxes with the price of the shoe. Considering that it was only flip flops, sandals, and slippers, people hesitated to pay a premium price for a pair of sandals.

But now as there is an official distributor, people can avoid those additional charges and purchase directly from the brand itself. The prices are very reasonable and in comparison, to other premium shoe brands, they are very less. The store in Pakistan offers a lot of different styles with a lot of different color combinations. Visit the store or search online and grab yourself a pair that suits your style. Read more about yayoins.

Kito aims to expand to provide people with their premium shoes and through KitoPakistan they have made a major leap. there is high demand for the style of shoes they create in Pakistan. To order you can visit their Pakistan website, kit official. You can also contact them on Facebook and Instagram. They update people on the latest arrivals and sales on their social media platforms regularly.

Where You Can Find The Premium Collection of Kito Shoes?

Specter and Kito collaborated a while ago. And we must say that ever since they have collaborated, the brand has seen a rapid increase in its sales. Specter, as you might know, is one of the top leading fashion marketplaces in the industry.

The brand offers a wide range of products from well-reputed names. From clothing, footwear, grooming products to fashion accessories, Specter offers all. And of course, you can find the top sellers of Kito from here. So, visit our website online and flaunt your favorite shoes everywhere you go!

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