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Best Rental Property in Pakistan Guideline 2022


The ones looking to purchase a rental property, must familiarize themselves with the best rental markets in the country could go a long way in preparing you to invest in your first purchase-and-hold asset. Apart from being some of the best metropolitans to invest in real estate, best place of today to purchase rental property may teach us a lot about how to invest in exact locations. The location you pick to invest in would eventually regulate the feasibility and accomplishment of any possessions you  get. After all, those who know how to read and understand market indicators will learn where the best rental markets are available. Following are some of the best places to invest in real estate for longer term.

Blue World City

Blue World City Chakri Road is one of the main upcoming housing projects in the Islamabad. It is a huge venture by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and the Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. The entire housing project is adjacent to the Chakri Interchange & under construction Rawalpindi Ring Road. Presently, it is one of the primary reasonable housing projects within Islamabad and has ended up being very predominant among monetary experts.

For those looking to invest in a appropriate property or a private plot, at this phase, Blue World City can be the acceptable choice. Furthermore, The project also offers online administrations such as blue world city validation. Moreover,  it also involves online Installment, Certificate of enrollment online Confirmation, and application status . The Blue World partitioning is  into a few Squares, including General Square, Overseas Square, Blue Hills Country Farms. Moreover, Blue World Economic Zone, Awami Villas, Orbital Flats, and low-cost Awami Residential Complex.

Kingdom valley

In addition, Kingdom Valley Islamabad is an upcoming luxurious real estate project in the heart of the Federal Capital. Moreover, the location is close to Chakri Interchange and New International Airport.  Additionally, this economical housing solution offers low-cost residential plots at affordable rates. Furthermore, the chairman and chief executive officer, Ghulam Hussain Shahid, is the remarkable man behind the establishment of the project.

The developer aims to construct state-of-the-art infrastructure and carefully planned society facilities at the disposal of valued residents. Moreover, the project is the most prominent and beneficial investment hub with an urbanized approach and the latest development shift. Furthermore, the scheme provides a safe, serene and innovative outlook. The project holds a valid no-objection certificate as it comes under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program. Apart from top-notch facilities and amenities, property availability at a subsidized rate makes it more attractive.

Prime Valley is the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme project developing in the surrounding Islamabad. And the main reason for building this residential project is to provide investors with the best living standards. Moreover, as we know, it comes under the government housing scheme, so this is the legal housing society. Furthermore, it has approval from Tehsil Municipal Authority Rawalpindi. And the location is on the Moza Sehal in front of Blue World City.

The housing society is developing near Islamabad, making it an ideal residential investment for all investors. Moreover, the developers aim in giving the best lifestyle to all the residents. Furthermore, the location and the payment plan are the most attractive features to invest in this housing scheme. And the installation will also help the residents build their dream homes. Moreover, the amenities available here will add to the high-quality lifestyle of the residents. Lastly, this housing society is a viable real estate investment for the residents of the twin cities. Most importantly, the housing society is a legal real estate project so the development work will complete far more quickly than other housing schemes. All these aspects signify that the investment here will be a long term asset.


Finding the right real estate market is essential whether you are purchasing your first or your fourth buy and hold property. Luckily, several indicators can help you choose an optimal location. These factors range from local economic markers to average vacancy rates and population trends. A great place to start is always looking at the year’s best rental markets. Although, these cities are just the beginning. Pay attention to the factors defining these emerging real estate markets and allow them to guide your search for the best location for your investment.

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