Best audio Recording Software for Mac (2023)

Mac is preferred over Windows by professionals in the video and audio industry. Macs ensure smoother performance and a streamlined workflow. Although there are in-built applications for recording audio and editing videos, those are for meeting basic tasks.

If you wonder how to record audio on MacBook and become a professional in the industry, you can check out the following audio recording software.


GarageBand is a user-friendly audio recording software for Mac users. The app lets you create, record, edit, and share audio or music files without a glitch. The interface is straightforward and intuitive.

Once you finish recording, the app lets you use many effects to make your music or audio recording as professional as possible. The app comes with lots of audio effects and filters for editing, along with shape-shifting controls and powerful synths.

The app is compatible with iOS and macOS devices.


Audacity is an open-source, multi-track, cross-platform, and user-friendly audio recording software. This free software helps users capture live audio via a mixer or mic and digitize the recordings from other media.

Moreover, the software has several plug-in support and effects to simplify the recording process. Additionally, there are editing functions in the software, like copying, cutting, deleting, and pasting.

The software supports 32-bit, 24-bit, and 16-bit, along with a comprehensive range of plug-ins. For example, you can export all the audio recordings in different file formats. In addition, you can manipulate the tracks with the keyboard.

Adobe Audition

Do you want a multi-purpose audio recording program for your Mac? Then, you can try Adobe Audition. This software will help you in recording audio, creating background scores, and editing the recording. Thanks to the program’s high-end editing and recording capabilities, this software is ideal for your audio recordings.

The app’s audio clean-up feature, restoration tools, and a wide range of plug-ins make this a highly robust tool. You can also use the program’s several plug-ins to add different effects to your audio recordings, remove noise with precision, etc.

Thanks to its AI-enhanced tools and audio ducking features, the software is the perfect option for recording audio. The convenient and clean UI is also why Mac users prefer this software.

Logic Pro

Logic Pro is one of the most popular audio recording tools used by Mac users. The interface is simple, and anyone will get the hang of the software without even trying. Even beginners can understand the performance patterns because the software doesn’t have a steep learning curve.

You can use this software to show off your creativity and record audio to finish simple to complex projects successfully.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

If you are seeking a full-featured screen recording with excellent audio recording capabilities, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is the best option. The software offers real-time video encoding technology and produces high-quality sound and video.

You can tweak different preferences for microphone sound and internal audio using the application.

The software’s key features are hotkeys and the ability to test the system’s sound and mic before recording. Furthermore, its noise cancellation option is a huge plus, and the free version of the app includes all the audio recording functions you will need for your project.


Ardour is another fantastic open-source audio recording software for Mac users, and it combines recording, mixing, and editing capabilities. The app is a complete feature-filled audio workstation that is the perfect solution for beginners and experts.

Using this free audio recording software, you can engage in unlimited track recording, transposing and crossfading the recording tracks with various options like Inline Plug-in Control and more.

Additionally, this software allows users to master MIDI and audio projects.

Some standout features of this software are neat and intuitive interface, the ability to rearrange MIDI and audio using the same workflow and tools, the ability to extract audio from the imported videos, etc. The software also supports various editing tools like stretching, moving, cutting, pasting, copying, etc.

Audio Hijack

Audio Hijack is an audio recording software that is exclusively designed for Mac. It is a good software for recording and streaming live audio. You can use the software to record and stream audio like podcasts or online radio. The interface is simple, sleek, and easy to navigate across the app.

The software isn’t too difficult for beginners to learn, and the features include live broadcasting, VoIP recording through Zoom and other apps, capturing audio from all websites, etc.

The Bottom Line

To become a podcaster or to live stream audio, you can use any audio recording software mentioned above. These programs are packed with high-end features and audio editing tools. Also, these apps make it easy to record audio and upload it across various online channels. However, you must invest in a good microphone to record good quality audio.

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