All you need to know about Breast Implant Surgery – Dr. Leena Jain

In this article, we shall see the different types of breast surgery, its procedure and side effects as explained by Dr Leena Jain.

Dr Leena is a plastic surgeon and a reconstructive microsurgeon with over seven years of experience. Dr Leena is an excellent plastic surgeon in Borivali, having performed many surgeries over the past seven years.

Breast implant surgery has become quite popular these days. Breast implant surgery is especially popular among young women who want to enhance their overall appearance.

Dr. Leena is one of the top plastic surgeons in Mumbai list on  clinicspots,, and many more health portals.

What is a breast implant?

A breast implant is a prosthetic implant insert into a person’s breast to alter or change its size, shape or contour.

Reconstructive breast surgery is used to restore the shape of the breast after a mastectomy surgery and fix congenital defects and deformities. Cosmetic breast surgery is used to enhance the appearance of the breast and for aesthetic purposes.

Types of breast implant

All Breast implants have the same outer covering while the inner matter is different from one another, says Dr. Leena.

Saline Implant

 The outer part of the saline implant is silicone, but the inner part is empty. The inner part is filled with sterile salt water after the saline implant is inserted into the breast. They come in a variety of sizes.

A saline implant is done on people above the age of 18. The saline implant has been on the market since the 1960s.

Silicone implants

Silicone implants are made up completely of silicone, which is a synthetic material that feels similar to human fat. The inner part of the silicone implant is filled with a silicone gel.

Silicone implants feel more natural. But silicone implants are a risk if they rupture; that’s why the doctors recommend that you get an MRI after three years of the surgery to check if there are any signs of leakage or a rupture.

Procedure for Breast Implant

Dr Leena says, Our breasts continue to develop till our early 20s; therefore, the government has made it mandatory to be at least 18 years old to have a breast implantation procedure.To have a silicone breast implant surgery, you must be 22 years old.

The surgeon performs breast implant surgery at the hospital or the surgical centre.

The surgeon will give you local anaesthesia to numb only the breast area, or the doctor might give you general anaesthesia, in which you will be asleep during the entire surgery.

During breast implant surgery:

After you have gave the anaesthesia, the surgeon will make an incision in one of these places – Under the breast, under the arm, or around the nipple area.

After the cut, the surgeon will separate your breast tissue from the chest muscle tissue, which will create a gap where the surgeon will insert the implant.

The implant can be placed either above the chest muscle tissue (subglandular placement) or below the chest muscle tissue (submuscular placement).

After the surgery is done, the surgeon will close the cut with surgical tape.

After breast implant surgery:

The recovery after the breast implant surgery will take at least two weeks. You might not be able to perform physically demanding jobs right after the surgery. It is important to be aware that your breasts are still sensitive to any movements, so doing hard physical work might cause you pain and discomfort as mentioned by Dr Leena.

After the surgery, you might have drainage tubes attached to your breasts, which the surgeon will remove after a few days.Soreness, swelling, and discomfort will last for a few days after the surgery.

Consulting and keeping up with the surgeon is essential after the surgery.

If you notice any redness or pain or have fever symptoms. Call up your surgeon immediately as there might be a possibility of an infection.

Few side effects of breast implantation surgery:

Side effects are common after any surgery. If the side effects do not subside, please call your surgeon immediately.

Some side effects are of breast implantation surgery are:

  • Pain or feeling of discomfort
  • Infection in the breast
  • Changes in the breast area – redness, swelling, soreness
  • Bleeding
  • The position of the implant might shift or change
  • There might be a possibility of leakage in the implant


 It is essential to know that not all breast implant surgery gives you the result that you had pictured. It is vital to understand that you have to be ready to take up the risks and responsibilities of the breast implant procedure, says Dr Leena. This coming from a top plastic surgeon in Borivali, should have you mentally prepared for the outcome as she is forthcoming about the facts.

The results might vary, therefore it is good that you have a good doctor on whom you can trust and will guide you during the entire process of breast implant surgery

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