Advantages of Concrete Riser Rings

Concrete riser rings are also known as concrete manhole sections or concrete chambers. These rings proffer you approach foul and surface of the water sewer system. Rings are designed for proffer you approach to beneath ground sewerage system for checking and also it comes with already fixed steps to the base. If you want to make a non-man entry checking manhole it will deed an AXEDO chamber system. It depends on the depth of the hole that you will use rings or not. If you want to know about the best concrete rings for manholes then stay with us and read our blog from head to toe for understanding the installing system of rings and their uses and also advantages of concrete rings of the best corrosion-proof product provider company. Let’s get started, fellas!


Armorock is the vend head of the polymer concrete corrosion-proof items. They try to full fill the customer’s requirements and also provide them with the best things and they incessantly try this. They are pretty hopeful full that already and in the future they will incessantly proffer good products and they create a friendly environment for their team members for enhancing the company repute.

Armorock ™ Polymer Concrete Riser Rings & Structures

If you are going to install an Armorock Polymer concrete riser rings structure is totally alike a standard storm drain manhole with a precast base, riser section, or cone slab top. There is no need for an extra coating of protective material because all the products of Armorock are corrosion-proof.

Uses of Manholes

A manhole is used for granting access to reach the underground area to maintain the sewer system, drainage system, etc. You can check or maintain the underground networks and clean or modify them. The purposes of manholes are as follow;

  • Manhole’s perforated cover helps to release the foul gasses from the sewer system.
  • Manholes are the only system of ventilation of the underground sewer system.
  • It is used for connecting or changing the direction of sewer lines.
  • Manholes help the sewer line to lay proper length underground.
  • It is used to check, clean, or remove hinders from the sewer system.

Benefits of Armorock Polymer Concrete Riser Rings

Armorock provides you the corrosion resist items for your manholes. It manufactures manholes which suit your specific job necessities. You will get a 50 years warranty if you are going to use the Armorock polymer concrete riser rings. Polymer concrete-made manholes are made for the past 50 years and still, they are growing like rising stars. The range of 48” – 192” is provided by Armorock for manholes. For making precast manholes bases Armorock is using robotic technology. Lion’s share agencies (means hundreds) are using Armorock manholes. Corrosion is like an ache nowadays but doesn’t worry use Armorock Manholes it is the best solution for the corrosion problem.

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