8 Ways You Can Master Using Kratom

You can use kratom in more than one way. It is comfortable to find online, and trusted slo kratom provides it at affordable prices with high quality. Using kratom powder may give you control over your dose, and you can get the best experience. It has a long shelf life, which can be purchased in bulk and stored for a long time.

Kratom is very effective for many health ailments, such as chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, opioid withdrawal, etc. It gained popularity in the United States, and there is different information about ways to use it without getting any side effects. To get a clear idea, here we will look at 8 different ways to use kratom and a few ways you may surely not use it.

What is kratom?

It is an herb called Mitragyna speciosa and originates from Southeast Asia. The leaves contain alkaloids called mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine responsible for many therapeutic properties. These substances interact with opioid receptors. Act like a stimulant at low doses and makes an individual energetic. At high doses reduces pain and promotes euphoric effects.

8 Ways You Can Master Using Kratom

There are several ways to use kratom powder, each having its unique pros and cons.

  1. Drinking kratom powder

Drinking the powder is one of the common ways used by people. Moreover, it is the easiest way to consume and experience the effects immediately. But it also has a negative thing in this way. The reason is that mitragyna has an unpleasant taste. When you use it bluntly, it gives a bitter taste, disliked by many people.

Due to the harsh flavor, mix it with some juice like apple or orange. Are you confused about why to drink it, then? In the powdered form, you can take the required dosage. For this, you need a weighing scale to get the best results. The scale should have a 0.1 g precision to measure. If you don’t have the scale, you can use a measuring spoon, although it will not be more accurate.

You can mix the powder in the water and mix it with a hand mixer or use a spoon to improve the texture. Mix it with sweet to hide the bitter taste. Drinking kratom provides as quick a result as possible.

  1. Toss and wash method

Most people use a toss-and-wash method to mix kratom; drinking it can mask the unpleasant taste. In this method, you take a mouthful of water, take half your dose, and swallow it. The second half is the same. The advantage of using this method is the easiest and quickest way to use mitragyna. The only thing you need is a spoon and a bowl.

Some people feel a drawback in this method than simply mixing and drinking because the powder will get into the nose and make it uncomfortable.

  1. Kratom smoothie

Kratom powder mixed with water or juice will not work for somebody, as it will not dissolve completely. It may lead to an unpleasant chunky texture with a foul taste. You can resolve this problem by making a smoothie, which gives a pleasant taste if you select the right ingredients. You should prepare smoothies in a thick consistency to have a better taste.

Yogurt, peanut butter, ice cream, etc., can be used as a base, adding sweetness. You can experiment with your favorite vegetables and fruits and find the best one for you. People prefer sweet ingredients to combat the bitter taste of kratom powder. The popular option remains blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, bananas, etc.

  1. Kratom tea

It is one of the ways people used to take kratom. They use the leaves of kratom to make tea, but it is also possible to use powder. Heat water near boiling point, add the required dosage and stir well. If you cannot make tea using powder, a tea bag is available to reduce your burden. Put a tea bag in water and stain it within 5 minutes.

You should take care while you prepare tea. The consistency may not be up to your expectation, but the taste will be better than other cold drinks. Because increased temperature above the optimum level may degrade the alkaloids in kratom, maintain the temperature around 175 degrees Fahrenheit to get the benefits of kratom.

  1. Mix the kratom with food

It may be surprising to know that we can mix kratom with food. Mixing the powder with wet food substances like oatmeal or yogurt is an ideal way to remove the difficulties associated with other methods. Maintain the optimum temperature to avoid degradation of alkaloids, thereby reducing the potency, and the effect will last for less time.

  1. Use kratom capsules

If you are not satisfied with the above options, you can try the capsules. Dosage cannot be adjusted in this form, as they are in predetermined doses. It is not possible to customize the dosage according to your need. When you look at the price, capsules are expensive compared to tablets. If you can’t afford that much cost, go for kratom powder.

But if you can spend extra money to buy capsules, it is worth the money. You can take pills with you during travel and consume them to avoid the horrible taste. Easy to use, no need for scale to measure. Just swallow the tablet. That’s it, no mess and hassle.

  1. Parachute the kratom powder

This method is also called bombing, an odd and effective way. That is the same as capsules; the difference is using toilet paper instead of gel capsules. Take the piece of paper and add the powder to it. Wrap the paper and pop the kratom bomb into the mouth. Swallow it down using the water; that paper will not hurt you.

  1. Edible films

They come from gelatinized potato starch. It will keep you away from tasting the bitterness. When you swallow, it becomes wet, then turns slippery and soft and forms the shape of your throat as you consume. They are unique and designed to take all kinds of herbs, supplements, and medication powders.

Edible films are available in square-shaped sheets and cone-shaped pouches. Square sheets hold the most powder, which can have around 5 grams in one square.

Whereas pouches hold around 4-5 grams, easy to use. Add the powder, dip it in water, and swallow it.


Kratom is a unique plant with many potential benefits. All people prefer kona kratom powder to control their doses. Even though there are many ways to use it, each person likes their favorite method. Some may want to take kratom tea, and others prefer capsules. Based upon personal preferences and goals, one can use kratom to achieve their goals.

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