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5 Ways to Acquire Beverly Hills Properties

Beverly Hills properties are perhaps the most desirable real estate in the United States of America, if not the world. When one hears the word Beverly Hills, it easily evokes the thoughts of prestige, luxury, and exclusivity. It is no wonder that many people desire to own a piece of this rich man’s paradise.

For those who are considering to purchase a home in Beverly Hills, one must understand that you are not getting yourself just another piece of real estate but you are committing to owning a luxury home.

So how does one acquire a property in this very exclusive neighborhood?

1. Subscribe to Online Real Estate Listings

Perhaps the easiest way for you to know if there are properties for sale, either new or for resell, is to subscribe to an online real estate listing website. These websites often give you a list of the current properties that are being sold in the area including the specifications as well as some pictures. These pictures can be quite valuable for you as a buyer since it gives you a preview of the property you’re buying so that from there, you may be able to choose what houses or properties you would live to visit for a viewing and not waste your time on others that do not really appeal to you.

These listings also allow you to filter your searches allowing you to just view the ones that are within your budget and within your preferred location. You can also sign up for their notifications or newsletters that send you an email or even a text message when new listings are made.

2. Referrals

Getting referrals from your family members, friends, or co-workers can be a great way to acquire a luxury property as well. The wonderful advantage of this is that you will be introduced, most of the time, directly to the owner selling the property. This way, you can ask the owner questions about the property and since they own or even live in the property, they have more insights and understand the ins and outs of the property. This first hand information can be very valuable when making your decision.

3. News

If you are the type with the budget and looking to acquire a home previously owned by a celebrity then the news can definitely be a great resource. When celebrities put their houses on the market, it usually gets to the headline of the entertainment section. We all know when Marilyn Monroe’s house was sold and when Cher bought it, even when Cher decided to resell the property.

4. Real Estate Publications

There are a number of magazines, gazettes, and other publications that focus on the real estate industry. These publications can be a very valuable resource since many properties are sometimes featured here. There are feature articles that give you bit by bit details about prime properties that make you feel like you have visited the place even before going there. The pictures are also great so it gives you a great insight about the one you are eyeing to buy.

5. Consult a Luxury Home Real Estate Agent or Broker

A great resource would definitely be a real estate agent or broker who specializes in Beverly Hills properties. These agents or brokers have a list of properties they can give you access to. They can provide you listings that will suit your budget, your needs, and other personal requirements. They can even assist you in fulfilling the regulatory requirements needed to process your documents as well as finalize your purchase. You will discover that there is a wealth of knowledge and insights they can provide so make sure to take your time and ask as many questions as possible.

Remember that you don’t have to limit yourself to just one option. You can try a couple or even try all of them until you find the right match for you. In fact it is a great idea to do as much research as you can before making the final decision.

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