5 Amazing Ways to Make Fashionable Custom Tote Bags

If you are looking for a way to jazz up your outfit, you can carry around a custom-made tote bag. With tote bags, you can take your fashion style with you. Custom tote bags are perfect for many reasons.

Unlike other bags or personalized items, it allows you to have the freedom about the design that you want. You can even choose colors and patterns that go along with your style.

Most tote bags use simple materials that are easy to print on or design with. Moreover, tote bags allow you to carry various types of goods that include groceries, travel essentials, and food. If you use it in a large size, you can even carry school materials and laptops.

Here are some amazing ways to make fashionable custom tote bags.

Transfer Printing

When making a custom totes bag, transfer printing is the most popular technique. It only requires you to have a printer machine, a tote bag, transfer paper, and a heat press. Then you can see your design come to fruition.

The transfer printer technique is quite famous in fabric materials and can even work on canvases. It works well if you are looking to dye the bag a single color. If you prefer a multi-colored custom tote bag then there is a different technique which is dye sublimation printing. With this technique, you can create vivid colors.

Spot Color Printing

This technique is quite common for custom tote bags as it offers more possibilities when it comes to color selection. You can apply one color at a time to the tote bag.

With spot color printing, you can have different shades and hues that can bring the bag design alive.

Screen Printing

In this method, a mesh is utilized to apply ink to the bag. If you want to have more navigation to your ink, it is important to use impermeable block stencils.

Using this technique requires more skills and experience as compared to a transfer method. If you have to personalize a bulk of bags, this is a more efficient way to customize the bag.

Direct-to-Film Printing

Direct-to-film (DTF) printing is an innovative method used for customizing tote bags with vibrant and detailed designs. This technique involves printing the desired graphic onto a special film, which is then transferred onto the fabric of the tote bag using heat and pressure. The Prestige DTF printer is particularly popular in this process, known for its precision and ability to produce high-quality prints. The result is a durable and eye-catching tote bag that showcases sharp, color-rich images that last.


If you are aiming for an elegant style, embroidery is a popular method. With this method, you can give any custom bag extra details that make it look extraordinary. You can choose a design of your choice and turn it into a reality.

However, you need an embroidery machine that can cost you more than the printers. But if you plan to handcraft it will take longer to finish the design on the bags and you need expert skills as well.


In custom bag printing, one of the best ways to personalize it is through stamps. This technique is effortless as you just have to design a stamp and place it on a tote bag to transfer the design. It is more portable than custom embroidery.

But your designs and color choices will be limited using this method. For a more professional print, you should consider transfer printing or screen printing.

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