2022 Fashion Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

2022 has begun. With the new year, what trends of 2021 do you think will stay, and what trends will rise? Let’s first take a look back on 2021 fashion. With the pandemic, it was evident that everyday fashion was about practicality and comfort. That meant loungewear and baggy clothes, sweatpants, wide-legged and high-waisted for bottoms. Crop tops, T-shirts, and tanks for tops were popular clothing choices. Will these styles still inch their way into 2022? Harper’s BAZAAR predicts that the 2022 Fashion Trend will be a dose of optimism and pieces that will be coming out of their hiding. These are the likes of bold bright bags, cute skirts, and micro jackets.  

Let’s take a look at some trends that may make it big this 2022.


Denim will always be a staple every year, but the styles would differ. Last year, we saw a lot of high-rise jeans, mostly in skinny fit or mom jeans. But it was evident that mom jeans took center stage. These high-rise waistlines and loose-fitted denim were popular in lighter blue shades such as stonewash, antique indigo, or surf blue. Let us not forget oversized denim jackets trumped over the fitted styles. This year, expect a lot of the same but also expect an addition to the trend. Let’s make way for denim skirts both mini and long, flared or A-line. Make sure your spring 2022 wardrobe has a decent collection of light-washed denim, both tops, and bottoms.


 As mentioned earlier, several fashion magazines are predicting that skirts will be a strong 2022 fashion trend. Many talk about mini skirts. But before we go full-on miniskirts, we see a transition to long skirts in various textures especially coming off a year of the loose and loungewear wardrobe. Since denim is here to stay, strut your buttoned-down denim skirts on the streets with your comfortable white sneakers.

We are not quite finished talking about skirts just yet. Let’s talk about maxi skirts. It was a shame that we didn’t see much of it last year, but we are hopeful that 2022 will bring about more freedom in textures and styles. Twirling around in a flowy light material would make any woman feel more feminine. Or if you want, make a statement in a long glossy leather skirt. We personally think a maxi skirt or two should be a must in every woman’s closet.


We left 2021 obsessed with oversized blazers and we still think it will continue to overlap into spring of 2022. As we are seeing daring bustiers as revealing tops, a good, oversized blazer would make a great cover-up for those who don’t want to show too much skin. Then, there is the comeback of micro blazers including mini cardigans and boleros. It is a great way to cover up the arms while still showcasing the dress or top that’s worn with it.

Neutral solid colors will match with anything. But also consider fabric suited for specific occasions. These would be great to wear for work. Although lighter fabrics are more versatile than thicker ones. One thing is for sure, having a few blazers can open up your mind to new styling opportunities.

Oversized Tops

Now that we talked about blazers, that segues us into oversized tops. In 2021, we saw the popularity of T-shirts, cropped wide-sleeved, wide-shouldered tops. It’s a very relaxed feel which you can go to bed in. In 2022 we are looking at it for more for layering purposes. Quite contrary to a minimalistic mindset in these times, oversized tops tend to cover up more and layer more. Layering oversized tops is a technique. It brings the emphasis of matching contrasting textures. Take for example flannel over cotton polyester, in other words, thicker materials over thin.

Chandelier Earrings

These long ornate earrings are about making a statement. Accentuate your outfit (and neckline) with this beautiful piece of jewelry. Attire in the neutral palettes will pop with a nice pair of chandelier earrings. The great thing about it is that it doesn’t need to be expensive to accessorize. So go ahead and buy a few pairs that differ in length, color, style, and yes, even your mood!


The bag trend for 2022 focuses on bright and compact forms to go with any outfit, even for the most forward styles. Trendstop is one of the world’s most renowned leading fashion forecast agencies. You’ll see what’s up and new at their client’s window display such as H&M, Forever 21, Hugo Boss, L’Oreal, and MTV to name a few. Here’s what they have to say about the bag trend.

Clean compact bags will be a winner this 2022. These will include sleek lines and minimalism for aesthetics and comfort. Best worn for city or formal fashion outfits.

One bag trend that’s being pushed for is called the Global Slouch. These will use native materials from all over the world to celebrate global styles. A blend of eco-friendly materials used in artistic techniques. This travel-ready relaxed pouch will keep your essentials all in one place.


When it comes to shoes, the key here would be to look for comfort, functionality, and sustainability.  These are ideally used across casual and formal outfits. Does this mean gone are the feminine heels? A good pair of stilettos will always be in style, but as a trend, physical comfort will be the essence as we are in new times. This will mean that flat-soled shoes will be making waves together with these popular styles we’ve been seeing on fashion runways.

 It’s a Wrap.

The common theme for 2022 fashion trends seems to lean towards comfortability. As compared to last year, we are optimistic that people will be slowly coming out of their shell, or rather, loungewear wardrobe. Just remember that chasing new trends is a personal choice. Fashion trends can definitely help introduce you to new styles and help people know where to start in fashion. Be open to these ideas but always put your personal twist on them.

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